How to download Termux latest version from F-droid

f-droid termux latest version download
Welcome back, Termux lovers!In this article you will learn how to download the latest version of Termux from F-droid. Termux is an Android application that ...

how to install tool x in termux

tool x github
Tool-X is a Linux tool installer toolbox for Termux made by Rajkumar Dusad. It’s made especially for Termux Terminal. Tool x helps you install about ...

What is Phishing and How to Stay Safe in Simple Terms

What is Phishing
Phishing is a type of cyber assault in which misleading methods can be used to fool people into disclosing sensitive information such as passwords or ...

How to install Metasploit in Termux [All Error Fixed]

How to install metasploit in Termux
Hey ! If you are searching for how to install metasploit in Termux then you are in the right place. In this article i will ...

Exploring Termux: What is Termux and What is Termux Used For?

What is Termux
Termux is a Linux-like Android app that offers a terminal emulator for command-line operations, software installation, and programming languages. It’s useful for learning Linux commands, ...

Improve your skills: Termux Commands list for beginner

Termux commands list
Termux is a powerful application for text editing, scripting, server management, penetration testing, and Linux command-line processes. This article contains a basic Termux command list ...

darkfly tool github installation commands

Darkfly tool github
DarkFly tool is a tool for installing verious  security and Ethical hacking tools on Termux or linux. its a versatile penetration testing tool designed for ...

PhoneInfoga Github: An Excellent Information Gathering Tool

PhoneInfoga github
Phoninfoga is a free tool that scans international phone numbers to gather information like country, area, carrier, line type, owner, and searches for VoIP providers ...

How to Install Zphisher in Termux |Termux zphisher

How to install zphisher in Termux
Termux Zphisher is a tool used for phishing and social engineering attacks. It's designed to create fake login pages for various online platforms and capture the login credentials of unsuspecting users.

Termux interface change commands

Termux interface change
with this tool you can change 43 different types of colour themes and 22 different types of fonts
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