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Ngrok is a popular tool that is used to create secure tunnels to local hosts. However, to use Ngrok’s full potential users need to create and add an authtoken in Ngrok.

In this article, we will discuss how to get ngrok authtoken and how to add ngrok authtoken in just a few simple steps.

Ngrok authtoken

What is Ngrok?

Before we get into the Ngrok authtoken creation process, let’s understand what Ngrok is.

Ngrok is a tool that creates secure tunnels from a public internet address to a local device and makes it easy to access local servers behind firewalls. It’s commonly used for accessing localhost from the internet.

What is Ngrok authtoken?

Ngrok authtoken is a unique code that authenticates your access to Ngrok’s services. You can create secure tunnels if you have a Ngrok authtoken. It acts like a password that ensures only authorised users can create tunnels and use Ngrok’s features securely.

How to create Ngrok authtoken?

To create an Ngrok authtoken, you need to follow these simple steps:

STEP 1: Go to the official Ngrok website (

STEP 2: Click on the sign up for free button and create a free Ngrok account by entering your name, email, and password.

Click on the sign up for free button

STEP 3: Once you’ve successfully signed up, log in to your Ngrok account using your credentials.

STEP 4: After logging in, click on the three lines on the top left side. There, you can find your free Ngrok authtoken in the (your authtoken) section.

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Click on Your authtoken

STEP 5: Copy your free Ngrok authtoken.

Copy your free Ngrok authtoken

Congratulations! You have successfully created Ngrok authtoken for free. Now let’s see how to add ngrok authtoken in Termux or Linux.

How to add Ngrok authtoken in Termux?

Here are the simple steps to add Ngrok authtoken in Termux:

  1. Open your Termux terminal.
  2. Run $ ./ngrok authtoken {PASTE_YOUR_AUTHTOKEN} command.
  3. Replace YOUR_AUTHTOKEN with the actual authtoken that you get from the Ngrok website.
  4. You’re now authenticated to use Ngrok’s services securely in Termux.


In this article, we learn how to get ngrok authtoken and how to add ngrok authtoken in Termux.

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