Find Anyone’s Social Media Accounts with UserFinder

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Did you know that you can find someone’s social media profiles just by typing their username? 

This article provides a tool called UserFinder that is used to find someone’s profile on all popular social media platforms just by typing their username.


User Finder

User Finder is a simple open-source script that is used to identify usernames on all popular social media platforms. It’s specially designed to gather social media information about a person.

User Finder automatically searches for usernames on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, GitHub, and many more. It will ask you to enter a username, and then it will search for that username on all social media platforms and give you the results.


First, you need to download Termux apk latest version then you can run the following commands one by one: 

  • Update and upgrade the installed Termux packages to their latest version:
apt update && apt upgrade -y
  • Install the required packages, like Git and curl:
pkg install git curl jq -y
  • Clone the UserFinder GitHub repository:
git clone

After following the above commands one by one, the user Finder tool will be successfully installed in your Termux.

Now let’s see how you can use the user Finder tool to find someone’s social media by their username.


After installing the user Finder tool in your Termux, you can easily run and use it just by running these commands:

  • Open the User Finder directory:
cd UserFinder
  • Now start the UserFinder tool by running the following command:

After running these commands, it will ask you to enter the username that you want to use to find someone’s social media accounts.

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Enter someone’s username, and it will automatically find all social media accounts with that username.

Social media profiles

It will take some time to search and find the username on all social media platforms.


Userfinder is a useful tool to find someone’s social media profiles with usernames. It will automatically search for the username that you provided on all social media platforms and give you the profile URL of that username.

In this article, I have provided a simple explanation and usage of the userfinder tool in Termux.

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